Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I increase my rating?
A: We rate websites by popularity, based on the number of quotations of your website address on the web. You can increase your rating through advertising, blogs, forums, social bookmarks, link exchanges, banner exchanges, and manual submissions to the various Search Engines, as well as relative link exchanges.
We do not "sell" positions within our system.

Q: My site used to have a high rating, now my rating is low or it's not rated at all.
A: A: If you removed the reciprocal link from your site, your site would have been removed from the rating. Please re-add the reciprocal link and register again. Please Note: Since Oct 1, 2006, we have requested that all link exchanges with be placed on your FRONT PAGE. (Also known as Main Page, Home Page, and/or Index Page.) This must be the page that visitors open first and return to. If you did not place the link on your front page then you may find your website in a lower position on the rating index. Sometimes your position may change due to placement of sites linked to you within the various Search Engines.

Q: When will my site be added to the rating?
A: If you have already added the reciprocal link to the FRONT PAGE of your site andREGISTERED THE SITE WITH US, please wait. All registered websites related to our categories are added on Mondays.

Q: How do I update my screenshot, title, description?
A: You may request a change to the information about your website in the "Contact Form" below.